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Who this blog is for?

This blog is for the people who want to have a career in IT and for the people who already have it. It is for the ones who know that an IT career is great but also know that it has some drawbacks. It is for the ones who want to read about how things really are, without any corporate bullshit. For the people that want to read about somebody else’s experience and avoid common mistakes. For the people who want to learn something new. For the people that want to laugh.

About me

When I was first introduced to programming in high school, I liked it and I knew that I want to have a career in programming. After high school, I went to university and got a master’s degree in computer science. Right now, I have more than five years of experience as a full-time web developer. During my career, I worked on many projects for several different companies. My tech stack is C#, .NET Core, and a relational database. I also have some experience with Java, Python, and JavaScript.

Changing jobs gave me an opportunity to work for different kinds of companies – I worked for smaller companies with less than 20 people and I also worked for international companies. However, the most important benefit that I got from changing jobs is that I stayed up to date with the job market. I went through hundreds of job ads, applied to a decent amount of them, and did some interviews. I will write about all those things on this blog.

About this blog

On this blog I will write about several different topics – most of the posts will be about a career but there also will be tutorials and related topics for beginners and sometimes I will write some satirical programming posts.

All posts will be appropriately categorized so if you are only interested in one category, you can easily filter posts based on your interest.

You will notice that I often reference Wikipedia. I do that so you can easily read more about important terms and topics that are related to the topic of the post. Wikipedia describes and explains stuff very well and you can always read and learn about something interesting there.

Also, feel free to laugh and make fun of feature images on my posts. I created them all by myself with my limited skills in web design. It is clear why I am a backend developer.

If you like some of my content, you can share it on the internet or reference it on anything you like. If however some of my posts helped you with something in your life, I would like you to comment below that post. It will help others to see that my posts are worth something.

If you have any questions or comments, you can post them below each post. That way others can read that too, and benefit from it.

And the last thing – you can follow me on Twitter and Reddit. I am not famous on Twitter yet, but I am trying to be. If you have any direct questions, you can send messages on those platforms.